ONE WORLD, ONE HUMANITYWe are committed to providing waste solution to our customers. We divert 100% of our waste to
recycling facilities. We believe your waste today is tomorrow’s commodity. Let’s not waste it,
let’s reuse it!! Some of the benefits of using us as your preferred supplier include:

  • Account managers who have experience in the waste and recycling industries. These
    managers are aware of the high level of service delivery expected from all corporate and retail
    sites and the experience in dealing with clients with multiple sites.
  • Administration staff who understand and can provide reporting and invoices to meet the
    needs of each individual customer.
  • Minimal disruptions to services on transition of new accounts as Real Waste Solutions will
    work with the customer to ensure a smooth transition, and to ensure current service schedules
    and frequencies will stay the same.
  • Our commitment to providing ongoing support, audits and monitoring of the portfolio over the
    duration of the contract to ensure the client receives the best value for money service possible.
    Our drivers will photograph all overloads, contaminated waste streams and any sites that
    access is denied.

To truly experience the difference, contact us (
to discuss the benefits of detailed waste audit.


Our facilities

We are Nigeria leading operator of household waste recycling centres for local authorities.
We’ve also invested in recycling technology to extract the most value from the waste we collect
and process.

Our network of 11 materials recycling facilities sort the materials that can be recycled – metal,
paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, household goods and garden waste – so that we can send it
to be made into new products. Some of our sites even separate the recyclable items that end up
in general waste collections.

And the 12 compost plants we operate turn more than 100,000 tonnes of organic waste into a
useful product that we share with local authority partners and use to restore our former landfill